Essigstudios Austria - Seven-Segment Digital Clock

This project is about to use four CD4543 "BCD-to-Seven-Segment" drivers to drive four 7-Segment elements; the drivers
are driven by an Arduino Micro (any microcontroller board with enough I/O pins can be used for this).
The Arduino source code, images of my prototype, a socket (to hold the assembled board; STL for 3D printing) and the circuit (as PDF) can be downloaded here.

Parts list:

Count Item Value Description
4 R1 - R4 180Ω Resistor for 7S's
1 R5 68Ω Resistor for LED's.
2 S1 - S2 Push buttons To adjust hours and minutes
4 DIS1 - DIS4 CD4543B Driver
1 C1 220μF; > 5V Capacitor for stable power source
4 C2 - C5 440μF; > 5V Optional "Fear capacitor"
1 Stripboard Optional
1 Arduino Micro Microcontroller
2 LED1 - LED2 LED LED's between hh and mm

Note that in the schematic the power circuits of IC1 - IC4 are next to the IC's, altough they are integrated in the IC's itself:

The brightness of the 7S's can be adjusted with the resistors R1 to R4, the brightness of the center LED's can be adjusted with R5 (increase value = brightness down).
To get a stable voltage, i placed the capacitors C1 to C5 between GND and the specific VSS pins, maybe they can be left out, but i recommend them.

Since i wanted to use my clock (which is difficult, if the board is in a horizontal position), i printed a "board holder":

Feel free to create your own clock based on this, and don't hesitate to contact me if you running into any problems!

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